i'm an anosmiac

i have very little sense of smell. today i came across a post by tom coates: On people who can't smell... this is not something most people discuss, nor something most people have the vocabulary to discuss. i'm not sure which is the cause and which the effect. but having been empowered by a vocabular lesson from tom, i'm excited to say that i have anosmia. (or maybe just "partial anosmia", but anyway...) i also learned from tom that there are treatments for anosmia. i'll have to do some more investigating when i am back in america. (like tom, this doesn't strike me as a serious problem.)

right now, i think i'm probably experiencing a small bit of what woman once felt (maybe some still do) when they learned words like "feminist" and "sexism". actually, "anosmiac" is not currently a word. right now, it seems there is no word to describe the person who has the condition of anosmia. but i'm confident "anosmiac" will find it's way into the english language after we bring about Global Anosmiac Liberation#8482;.

I to am an 'Anosmiac'. I feel that it should be present in the dictionary. I have no sense of smell at all, after my olfactory nerves were severed in a head injury.
Ha, Im an anosmic but Ive had it all my life. Am I the only one whos tired of being asked "SO...IF A FARTER...YOU COULDNT SMELL IT?"
Im with this cause all the way! I have been an anosmiac since the age of 13 and some days it can be a real bitch. And don't worry im sure if any of us got a pound/dollar every time someone asked '...So i could fart in your face and you would be able to smell it?' We would be Millionares now for sure.
I am willing to partake in protests, armed raids, kidnappings and Anosmiac awareness live concerts (I'm a mean Quitarist, if i do say so myself). But nuclear warfare is where i must draw the line, (Tho bribes in cash or kind may just sway my thinking).
If you would like to contact me concerning mentioned activities, novelty online anosmiac clubs or just for friendly advise on harboring wanted criminals E-mail me at Pinmonkey911@hotmail.com
Thanks, Tommy
Can you smell fear?
Same here. I'm currently sixteen and I'm still unable to smell. I was born that way, or perhaps something happened to me during infancy. I'm glad I'm not alone.
Hey. I've had Anosmia my whole life and I totally agree with everyone who's tired of being asked dumb questions about farts.... NO! I CANT SMELL THEM! Im tired of telling people who don't believe me until they spray perfume in my face or tell me to smell their shoe. Look it up friends. It's called Anosmia!
Hi!!! I can't smell either!! Let's be friends! www.bitchwhocantsmell.com

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