protesting into the ether

i'm generally against all the anti-france and anti-german protests. i'm all for the sudden increase in general awareness of international politics. i just wish more people would form opinions more substantial than "[SOME COUNTRY] sucks!" all the boycotts are being carried out primarily by people who haven't even paid enough attention to international affairs to notice that we've found no weapons of mass destruction in iraq, and france and germany were right to tell us to wait. and the "freedom fries" are just silly.

what i found today was also silly, but mostly it's just cute. tucked away on ebay, in an auction for a power cable, that only 16 people have looked at, with no bids, i found this little grain of a political protest: WILL NOT SHIP TO FRANCE OR GERMANY. if it weren't so pathetic, it would be annoying. but as it is, it's just cute that someone thinks this will have some impact on international politics. as if someone in france or germany is going to see this and say to themselves "gosh, i was against killing people before, but now that my opinion has lost me the chance to bid on this powere cord, i've changed my mind."

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