although most people's first thought when they read about the device for turning blood glucose into electricity is of cyborgs, mine was that this technology is ideal for diabetics, who have trouble controlling blood glucose levels. insulin pumps already exist, but now an insulin pump could operate without batteries and activate only when needed (when there is too much glucose in blood). insulin pumps are probably the one device in which it would even make sense to use glucose as an energy source. in every other case i can think of, all available glucose is being used for more important tasks like operating vital organs.


in the sixteen or seventeen odd years i've been an insulin-dependent diabetic, i've been asked probably a dozen times or so "what would happen if i took your insulin?" my answer has always been something like "i don't know, but i suspect your body would compensate its natural insulin production so that there would be no noticable effects." but thanks to an article i just read at the bbc, i can now answer more accurately: "you'll get stronger."


i had no idea so much thought had gone into international paper sizes. (via boing boing)