under-read weblog awards

shelley powers has what i think is a wonderful suggestion for a new award:

To be honest, if the Wizbang awards person had taken the nominations, went out to Technorati and found the least linked of them and put them into the award lists, I would have promoted the hell out of it. I wouldn't have been on that list, but I still would have promoted the hell out of it.

as it is now, the wizbang awards only sends yet more links to the most linked weblogs, which isn't helpful for most writers or readers. most writers aren't on the list, and most readers are already aware of these weblogs because they're the ones everyone links to all the time.

what we need is awards for under-read weblogs. as a reader, i want to know what's good out there that i'm not already being pointed to by everyone i read. and as a writer, i'd like a few more readers. maybe i'll make these awards after i gain some financial stability.

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