so i have some gmail invitations, and i'm following tom's condition of how i must distribute them (lest i be considered a person without honour): if you say something funny before i run out, i'll give you one. and i'm going to go ahead a make that a viral condition: you have to do the same with some of the invitations you get on gmail, including passing on the condition. now be funny.


two recent bug reports for mail log are actually - as far as i can tell - bugs in safari. mail log doesn't work if the zip file is downloaded and unzipped with safari. if it is downloaded with safari (or any other browser) and unzipped with some other application, it works fine. this seems like an incredibly obscure bug, and i'm suspicious that i've diagnosed the problem correctly, but all evidence i have now points to safari's unzipping as the problem.


shelley thought i had a good idea, which she calls an "emotive" style sheet. it seems to me i don't have nifty ideas like this as much as i once did. daniel says I admit it, my quiet is tied to money. makes me wonder if mine is too.


today jonathon commemorates the fourtieth anniversary of the day he became disillusioned witht he beatles. reading it reminded me of my own disillusioning experience with one of my favorite musicians, elliott smith, though my experience wasn't nearly so bad that i remember the exact date even a few years later.

for years i had bought every album smith had made, and listened intently as he painfully poured his soul out. (i recently found a genre for smith more descriptive than my previous "good at being sad": "miserablist.") then i had an opportunity to see elliott smith in concert in chicago.

he took the stage and played through his songs almost exactly as they sounded on the CDs. he paused between songs for just a few seconds, and scarcely even seemed to notice an audience was there. he never once spoke to the audience beyond a simple "thank you." after he played the last song, he walked off the stage, and the show was over just like that.

it was a big let down. the music was just as great live as it was on recording; that wasn't the problem at all. the problem was that i had come to believe smith meant every word he sang, that he was something more "real" than a standard pop musician. and probably he was back when he wrote the songs, but by the time he got to chicago something had changed. he didn't mean what he sang. he was just singing because he was a singer, and someone had booked him a show to sing. he didn't want to be there singing these songs for me, but i wanted him to want to be there.


two more scraped RSS feeds: a softer world and a softer world news. both from a softer world.


i first got to know ann by suggesting that she get an RSS feed for her weblog. she writes her weblog by hand, so i didn't think my standard screen-scraping solution would work very well. but she has generally standard HTML. so until she changes formatting, my new screen-scraped ann maria bell RSS feed should work.


i'm a little confused after reading this in a seattle times article:Bremer and Brahimi are trying to exert control over an unwieldy process in which individuals and parties represented on the U.S.-appointed Governing Council are jostling for posts. i understand that the "unwieldy process" is called "democracy" and that it's this "democracy" we're trying to bring to iraq. i also understand that we have this "democracy" thing here in america. what i don't understand is this: if the current authority can veto an election in one of these "democracies," why is bush wasting millions of dollars trying to get people to vote for him? why doesn't he just veto the election?