i'm in the process of moving randomchaos.com to a new server, so if you post anything (e.g. comments) here in the next few days, it may get lost in the transition.


Initial attempts were simple: make a better milk by combining 2% with apple juice! juice is good...but it would be better if it were creamier...hmmm...milk is creamy.


almost a year ago, i wrote: i don't believe there are currently any newsreaders that allow users to subscribe to an OPML file. i believe there are still no newsreaders that allow users to subscribe to an OPML file. but today infamous innovator dave winer wrote: It's a subtly different kind of subscription list, because it will change, you should subscribe to the OPML not to the feeds contained in the OPML. sounds familiar. hopefully that will prompt someone to implement this feature.


the statistics page is rather buggy right now, but it shows the source page as among the most accessed on randomchaos.com. i have no idea who is viewing the source, but now these people can submit changes back to me. i'll review and implement the changes i like (and give credit to submitters). this makes the website much more like a regular open source project, but whether or not anyone participates remains to be seen. the new format also makes it easier to take the code and use it elsewhere. maybe i'll eventually add a downloadable file option. or maybe someone else will.


anyone can now register for a user account on randomchaos.com. after you register, you can create a profile, which currently consists of a first and last name. once you've done that, whenever you're on a page with comments (and logged in), your name will already be in the comment form. this is a step towards a re-vamp of the reversi game which will allow registered users to play each other.


some have criticized the associated press and liz sidoti for a recent article about the kerry-edwards campaign, which has absolutely nothing to do with policy or politics, and everything to do with the two men appearing to be a little too happy - gay, even. but one particular sentence shows the real problem with this article, which everyone else seems to be missing: The two clap each other sometimes once, often twice, on the back with both hands. everyone knows the standard male-male "i'm not gay" hug has three claps (one for each word) on the back, not one or two.


okay, so markets are conversations. and politics are conversations too. but wars? wars are not conversations. conversations involve multiple parties talking and listening. this happens in functional markets. this happens (though less often) in functional politics. this does not happen in wars. no one listens in a war. wars are shouting matches. when a market or conversation is over, you've gained something (money, goods, services, information). when a war or shouting match is over, you've lost something (time, money, life).