bush increased abortions

i know some people whose only reason for supporting bush is his stance on abortion. those people may be interested in this article, which says abortions increased under bush after decreasing under clinton.

i think that your right and that bush should be taken out of office and that maybe abortion should be lowered and only used in certian cases and used for people who don't have sex for without protection because people who use protection aren't iresponsible.
hello people of the world dA i'm just here to speak to let you know i dislike president Bushn it's all true every thing you here about mr.ta bush

I would just have one more thing to say to you people of america proud citizens of America!!! Because of bush there is a massive increase of abortion an cause of that i have this to say... if abortion was a stock the person that own it would be a rich.
burna-- thanks for your comments-- i think that bush is such an anti-intellectual and stubborn guy-- and talk about debt!
i've deleted some off-topic comments here.
bush should totally be taken of office i agree with everyone that had written a comment and all the power to you all and yes all this crap it because of that little fuc*er
i think bush is a little ass for thinking about banding abortion because every women has her own right to her desions and fuck him.

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