i have made the links searchable, which isn't especially useful given the current links, but will be more useful (for me, at least) when i start syncing my del.icio.us links to randomchaos. the search is quite nice, if i do say so myself. here's how it works:

it does full word matching, so if you search for "men" it won't find results with words like "entertainment." leaving a space between two words will find results that contain both words. so far, this is how del.ico.us works. here's where it goes further:

if you put a pipe "|" between two words, it will find results that contain either word. if you put a minus sign before a word, it will return results without that word. for example a search for "entertainment -humor" will find everything that is entertaining, but not funny (according to the assigned tags). if you put parenthesis around words, it will do that part of the search together before combining it with the rest. for example, a search for "(entertainment -humor)|interesting" will find results that are entertaining and not funny or results that are interesting. you can combine all of these options to create just about any search you might want.

i expect i'll probably use the same technique to improve the weblog search, but first i'll need to add the ability to search for whole phrases in addition to individual words.