is what i had imagined disemployed would become, which sucks as there's no way i can complete with two people doing the same thing as full time jobs. on the bright side, at least i finally have some validation that it was a good idea. it's too bad good ideas don't pay anything.


earlier today i was doing laundry and watching C-SPAN. i don't have cable at home, so when i go to do laundry at my dad's house, i take the opportunity to watch some cable, and i usually end up watching C-SPAN, which is ironically available online.

on C-SPAN today was eric brende, the author of better off: flipping the switch on technology. he talked about how a lot of "time-saving" technology actually makes us lose time because we have to spend time working to pay for it, and then we have to schedule seperate time for exercising and socializing, both of which we previously did simultaneously with whatever work the technology is now performing for us.

that all made sense to me, so i of course went home and started working on yet another web application to save myself some time. my friend jj has a new weblog on, but doesn't have RSS feeds. i'd like to know when jj writes something without having to waste a few minutes every day checking this page, so i wrote a script to scrape the page and make an RSS feed. i think that took me a little over an hour, so this may be a good example of where "time-saving" doesn't.

but i made it so it will work on any weblog, so hopefully i can save someone else enough time that this was worthwhile. if you want an RSS feed of the weblog of the lead singer of weezer, for example, you can get that here. or you could just read the web page, but if you're not going to use perfectly good RSS, you might as well become amish.


if you don't have an account on (and you don't because only i do), you may have tried to create one by clicking on that "[Register]" link at the top of every page. if you are one of the hundred or so who did that, you found that it didn't work. it said it worked, but then you couldn't login using your new account, because it didn't really work. sorry about that. next time something like that happens, let me know and i'll fix it. but now it works, so you can go make an account and then add your name to your account and then when you go to leave a comment on the weblog, it will automatically fill in your name whenever you're logged in.

i discovered this because my friend jj wants to use my otherwise unused photo album tool to publish some of his photos, and i had to create an account for him so he could do this. so if jj does his part, some day soon the photo tool will be full of photos.


here is the view out my window, updated on the hour. i bought an isight camera a few weeks back. i'm not sure it was a good use of my money, as none of my friends with video cameras are ever available to videoconference. so i'm trying to make some use of my investment, and that means you get to watch my neighborhood. if only i had done this a little earlier, you could have watched a house being moved into that far lot from across town. i'll make sure to notify you well in advance the next time that happens.


i have a car i'm selling, if you are or know anyone in the market. it's a red 1988 honda accord two door hatchback stick shift with about 67,000 miles. i think it's a good, cheap car, but i don't know much about cars. i've had it for about 9 months and had only a few minor problems with it, but i just inherited a nicer car so i'm selling it now for $1000. the blue book price is $1580. you'd need to pick it up in bloomington, il, and ideally you'd be someone i've spoken to before. email me for more details if you're interested.


last night i could be heard saying "i'm not too concerned about security." this morning i got an email from yet another kind visitor pointing out that my .inc files, including the one with all my passwords, were being presented by the server as plain text when called directly. so anyone could get my database password, my password, and my google api key. suddenly i became concerned about security.

i added the following line to my .htaccess file to make the server parse .inc files just like .php files (as my previous server did):

AddType application/x-httpd-php .inc

which solved the problem. then i changed all my related passwords. no harm done.

so now i'm back to not being concerned about security. after recovering from my initial freak-out mode, i realized that access to the database is restricted to certain IP addresses, so the password alone will not do much unless you are one of my neighbors sharing my IP address. and my posts are now automatically backed up on the links page, so no worries there. and my google api key is pretty much worthless. but still, putting passwords in a publicly-viewable text file is probably not a good idea.