wonder wash

i just ordered myself a "wonder wash," a hand-operated pressure washing machine. i wasn't able to track down more than a couple online reviews of similar machines, and both suggested that the handle might fall off, though both seemed to continue using it after that happened. it's only $50, so i thought it was worth the risk. i'm hoping this will give me more flexibility with where and when i do my laundry, give me a reason to get some exercise, and maybe even help the environment a bit. i'll try to post some sort of review up here after i've used it a few times for anyone else considering buying one.

update: see review, as promised.

I was thinking of buying one .
Please poet your review of how it works and if it is save for kids to use ti as well.
sorry for the typos :S
I too am thinking of buying one in the UK (for camping with 2x small kids) and can find little product info. on it - I look forward to your feedback.
carol, i added a link to my review, which is positive.

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