i said earlier that i would write a review of my new wonder wash after using it for a while. i've been using it for about a week now, and i have mostly positive things to say about it. it has successfully achieved my goals of reduced water, detergent, electricity, and cost, as well as increased schedule flexibility and exercise for my laundry needs. the clothes are generally as clean as what i would get out of a laundry machine, and in the rare instances where they aren't quite as clean, i expect more closely following the instructions regarding amount of water and detergent would fix that. i've just been doing rough guesses so far.

my main worry before trying the wonder wash was the handle breaking, as the few comments i had found online indicating that might happen. but my handle is detachable, so i don't know how it could possibly break. another positive surprise has been how little time it takes to do a load of laundry. i can fill, wash, rinse, hand wring, and hang a load of laundry (about a day and a half worth of clothes for one person) in only about fifteen minutes. in general, i haven't had any real problem so far, and i would recommend the wonder wash.

Update: Wonder Wash instructions have been posted to my website, thanks to Hanna Bachman for typing them and sending them to me.