I'm using standard capitalization from here (or actually the previous post) on out. A few years ago I wrote about my reasons for not capitalizing: laziness. But these days I type enough in contexts outside of this weblog that it actually takes more effort to shift (no pun intended) myself into no-caps mode here.

This is sort of a mirror of my experience with hair. I ocassionally stop shaving or getting haircuts because I tire of the chores, but eventually the longer hair becomes more trouble than cutting it. I suspect there's some metaphor here for life in general, but I'm too lazy to formulate it properly.


Cory Doctorrow writes on boingboing:

As with last year, Slashdot's RSS server has banned the entire O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference from pulling its RSS feeds. There are about 400 geeks here running RSS readers that are pulling Slashdot's feed from behind the same IP address, as Slashdot's systems have interpreted this as one user repeatedly reloading it.

Why didn't any of those 400 geeks at the Emerging Tech conference emerge some tech (e.g. a local cache) in the past year to prevent this problem?