You may notice I updated the weblog a bit. The URLs are now more readable, hierarchical, guessable, and generally more useful. You can go to a year, month, day, or title. Right now the year will auto-redirect to the first month of that year. I may later figure out something useful to show for a whole year's worth of posts. The month will show a calendar, and the day will show the day's posts if there are more than one, or redirect to the post if there is only one.

On the back end, everything is object oriented, and commenting all goes through a single commment page, both of which will make future changes easier. I removed trackbacks, as I don't see them ever becoming popular outside of geek circles. I hope to eventually allow links in comments to make up for the lack of trackback, but I'll need to implement some sort of moderation system before I do that. Right now, I get zero comment spam here because I've never allowed links in comments, so I don't show up on comment spammers' radars. But my experience with other weblogs suggests the annoyance of moderating comment spam is worth it for the increased connections of links to other sites.

Speaking of, I also added links for similar posts on the weblog as well as similar sites elsewhere, both based on tags. I added tags to the weblog posts a while back, though I haven't been tagging enough posts. I've also been importing my bookmarks pretty much since I started using I'll have to go through and tag more of the old posts, as well as improve the tag search so it's based on relevance rather than date.

Let me know if you see anything broken or if you have any ideas about further improvements.