MySpace has RSS

As Brendan kindly pointed out in comments, MySpace has (finally) added RSS feeds for blogs, so there's no longer any need to use my MySpace feed scraping tool. Hopefully a Google search for myspace RSS will soon start returning MySpace as the top result (or at least on the first page!) rather than me. I'll try to get around to editing the tool soon so it redirects to MySpace's version of the feed, which seems to be pretty much identical.

Update: it turns out my aggregator was still showing me the previous content and MySpace's RSS feeds are a bit more limited than what I've been offering, so I might keep the tool running until they improve their own feeds.

The Feeds are abbreviated, though. They only return about 2 lines and then gives an ellipses.
Also, they don't seem to have a structure that magpie can understand swiftly. i don't know about other rss parsers out there, but i'm getting errors unless i comment out a line.
any chance of having your parser pack online anytime soon until myspace actually provides useful feeds?
Thanks a bunch!
Yep, the feeds are not full-text, and they do not validate. I'll try to get the parser workin again tomorrow.
The parser should be working now.
How do you get a RSS feed for your own blog? I want to link another site to myspace.
Sancira, either use a browser with RSS discovery, e.g. Firefox, or look at the HTML source for a LINK tag.

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