Tracking RAS Syndrome with Google

I just read an email that says: I'm looking for a CMS system for work.

CMS, as you may or may not know, is an acronym for Content Management System. Presumably the person who wrote this email was not actually looking for a system of Content Management Systems (what a frightening concept), but rather just a CMS. I started to write a reply, but then I wondered if it wasn't already too late. I decided to investigate if CMS has already succumbed to RAS syndrome, which claimed such friendly acronyms as PIN number and ATM machine. It turns out RAS syndrome has even claimed JEB (John Ellis Bush) Bush! This may even call for an FBI investigation, but I'll do what I can as an average citizens concerned about RAS Syndrome.

The following is a comparison of Google results for acronyms in their redundant form, standard form, and the percent of redundancy:

PIN number2,540,000 PIN78,100,000 3.54% redundant
CMS system2,540,000 CMS78,300,000 3.24% redundant
ATM machine751,000 ATM35,700,000 2.10% redundant
HIV virus1,260,000 HIV119,000,000 1.06% redundant
RSS syndication2,370,000 RSS877,000,000 0.27% redundant
CSS style sheet179,000 CSS216,000,000 0.08% redundant
VIP person8,890 VIP32,200,000 0.03% redundant

Alas, it appears CMS system is too far along to save. It would be interesting to see a graph of these numbers as they change over time, and an acronym fades into redundancy. But probably only interesting to me.

PIN is the only acronym you listed. the others are initialisms (acronyms sound like a word, initialisms are spelled out). in the u.s. we aren't only redundant with abbreviations. "the hoi polloi" means "the the masses," "lukewarm" means "warm warm." if you're interested, KBPS out of san diego has a show called "a way with words" (and it's podcasted!) and they talked in their last episode about these kinds of redundancies. google it, i can't post links here.
That is hilarious.
um, jessica schooled you sucka!
Thank you Scott for this nice article, but I cannot resist :
Jessica, there are also mixtures of initialisms and acronyms: CD-ROM (Wikipedia wrongly refers to it being an initialism), jpeg
But I don't know of any suffering from what should now be referred to as the RI&AS syndrome ! Unless we keep RAS syndrome, with A standing for Abbreviation, what would cover both Initialisms and Acronyms...
Whether the redundant word follows an acronym or an initialism, the point is that there is a redundancy at all! And whether you call it ARS or RAS, it's still about the redundant use of the word following (usually) the acronym. ARS is one of my personal peeves, so much so that I have my own website devoted to it. Ironically, being a Joomla advocate, I hadn't even thought to add CMS System to my list! Feel free to visit my site and submit anymore you come across!

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