Catch 22

Here's something I don't understand. Catholic teaching is that homosexuality is intrinsically wrong and objectively disordered. And now they're instituting a ban on gay clergy, even those who have vowed celibacy, which would seem to indicate a belief that homosexuality is a fixed condition. So some people are just born evil? Am I misunderstanding this, or is the Catholic church position really that God makes people gay and then condemns them for it?

Every time I read what some nut says about divine smiting, I remember what a modest mouse once said: God who'd wanna be such an asshole?

i'm surprised you weren't disturbed that the church is, against all evidence, still trying to blame pediophilia on gay men. as the article said, "Pope John Paul II ordered a review of the Catholic church's policy on homosexuality after US priests were involved in child sex abuse." see wayne besen's discussion of that on his weblog on the 15th of this month.
I was disturbed by that - just not surprised. The whole God creating evil thing surprised me.

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