Flickr Bookmarklet Update

Flickr changed format and broke my previous bookmarklet. At first I thought maybe they actually moved protected images to a protected server, but they just changed some variable names. So here's the updated bookmarklet that makes it (too) easy to get the full size version of protected images:

Get Flickr Original

This is an awesome tool. People are too paranoid these days about their pictures.
Awesome, works great. thanks.
They've changed it again, it's no longer "". It's now "". I tried to modify your bookmarklet, but I don't know Jack about Java Script...
H8tred, can you give me an example of where the bookmarklet fails? It seems to still work fine on every photo I've tested it on.
It fails for a few days now. Works on some photos but not others. For example, try the photo at the URL

It fails on it. Hope it is fixable.
I don't think it's fixable. The link style H8tred suggested only works for public photos (which already have that link supplied by Flickr). It looks like Flickr started giving original photo versions a completely different file name from all other sizes, so the original size file name is no longer discoverable based on public information. The good news (for those who like the lack of truly private photos on Flickr anyway) is that the large sizes appear to be unchanged. To get those, just change "_o.jpg" to "_b.jpg" in the bookmarklet. They're not always as high-quality as the original size, but they seem to be the highest quality version still publicly accessible.
Actually, trying to access the large or big sizes by replacing "_o.jpg" with "_b.jpg" also fails. The bookmarklet still works for pictures which were uploaded before the major flickr massage at the end of Febuary, so originals of pictures uploaded to flickr before that date can stiill be accessed.
Ah, it was a nice tool to have while it lasted. Thank You for it.
Yeah, "" turns into "" for the original, and "" for large. It looks like it keeps the same name (411390286), it just uses a new method of calling the size. They've talked about rss feeds and what not linking directly to the original image file, and how it takes up too much of their bandwidth. Personally, I use Netvibes, and I have it set to show my a group of thumbnails for a set of tags, and when I click on the thumbnails I have it set to bypass the site and take me directly to the original size. I just fail to see how you can run an image hosting site, and not want people to see the fullsize picture.
Ooooh, I made some progress.

Calls up the Original, or next biggest size to any picture that displays the "All Sizes" link. Have a look at it and see if you can find what I'm missing.
H8tred, those URLs are for HTML pages, not the actual image files. The HTML pages are only available if the image is set to public. The image files are available even if they're set to private. In the past, the bookmarklet could figure out where the image file was based on information in the main HTML page, but that information is no longer helpful because they've given the image files (though not the HTML files) a completely different name. I don' think it's a bandwidth issue, rather a privacy issue. People who set their photos to "private" expect them to be actually private. They weren't before, but now they are. Bad news for people who want to access those photos, but good news for people who want them private.
I think you just like to shoot down my hopes and dreams haha. I came up with this address for a protected picture, "". I removed the v=o, and it still gave me the photo. Couldn't change the size though. There's no such thing as privacy on the internet. Especially on a free site dag nab it haha. I'll stop posting in here if you like though.
H8tred, I'm all for searching for a hole in Flickr's attempts to keep photos private. I think identifying such holes is good for everyone. People who want easy access to the images get that access, and people who want them completely private get to see what more needs to be done to make that happen (e.g. actual password protection). That's why I published the original bookmarklet. I just don't see any holes in Flickr's current system of privacy via completely obscure file names. If you want to keep searching, best of luck to you, but I gave up when I searched the public HTML pages for the last part of the private image file name and it was no longer in there.
Wow. it was good while it lasted. Of course if anyone finds anything, post here
Try this link:
How it works? Just key in the image id and click "get URL"

Good day to all.
Hey anyone!
i know the profile address of a guy but his pics are private....anyway i can have acess to them????
The original size doesn't always work since it's sometimes on a different hash.

javascript:href=page_p.video_thumb_src;location.href=href.substring(0,href.indexOf('.jpg')) + '_b.jpg';
javascript:href=page_p.video_thumb_src;location.href=href.substring(0,href.indexOf('.jpg')) + '_o.jpg';
Is this working as of May 2008?
It appears to work on photos posted before a certain date. Newer photos do not work. is nolonger available
suck :-( any updates plz
I wrote an updated javascript bookmarklet for viewing the original full size image on flickr. just add a bookmark to this
javascript: path = window.location.pathname; i = path.indexOf('/in'); if(i > -1){ a = path.substring(0,i); b = path.substr(i); window.location.pathname = a + '/sizes/o' + b; }

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