Search for Search

Google has begun returning results for things you didn't type, but maybe should have. For example, if you search for "opera," you get a block of results for "oprah." It looks like it will benefit people who don't know what they're looking for, and probably annoy people who do. I don't like it yet.

I was testing this out with random words when I typed in 'search' and saw that Google returned itself as the top result. And then I thought it would be interesting to try a search for 'search' on various search engines. It turns out Google is the only search engine that returns itself as the top result for 'search.'

Search EngineTop Result
Search.comMSN Search
MSN SearchGoogle
AOL SearchGoogle
Ask JeevesLycos

Google is also the most popular search engine among search engines, just slightly ahead of

Be number 1:

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