RDF my Database

Last night Shelley Powers published a lengthy RDF tutorial, in which she wrote I’m focusing on what I call street RDF–RDF that can be used out of the box to meet a need ... I've read about RDF before, and I read about it again, but the needs RDF meets are still not clear to me. Today Danny Ayers wrote But the statements can be made available by techniques like mapping SQL database tables to RDF ... Fair enough. I've started making my database available via XHTML, and will add more tables soon. Now if anyone wants to convince me of the value of RDF, I invite you to explain to me how to represent my database as RDF, and show me how this helps me or anyone else.

Cool! I've only looked in a browser so far, and it looks good. All that it really needs to be interpretable in the RDF model is to identify important nodes with URIs - "Open text #1" will work on your site in a browser, after a URI has been entered, so I suspect you've got 99.8% in place already. (Ok, I've not looked at the source yet ;-)
How it helps is that it makes it unambiguous in the global Web thing, so (potentially) everyone can use a uniform approach to using the stuff.

(But please ping me and/or Shelley again)

hey, i've been researching RDF as well, and have the exact frustrations as u..however i stumbled across a tool that I may use to get my Database out to the web its called D2RQ it is located

check out the manual, it uses mappign files and your database schema to generate RDF support for Seasme, and u would publish the RDF using http://www.joseki.org/ or seasme...

personally they really need more tools to get legacy data to the web D2RQ is a step in the right direction..somthing cool would be (middlegen->D2RQ mapping), middlegen already generates Hibernate,EJB files..

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