Movie Morals

The Guardian: the moral of King Kong is simpler still: "Don't pick a fight with nature." Letters to an Unknown Audience: The message of Narnia is clear: Don't ask questions. Trust the first person you meet and stick with it. Raise your ill-begotten sword for it. I haven't seen either, but I'm curious to what extent these morals are injected by the films' creators vs. viewers. I also think it would be an interesting thesis project to compile a list of morals as described by film critics over a few decades, correlate those morals to political party platforms with some sort of text similarity analysis, and then measure ticket sales against election results.

Isn't it interesting that movie morals are only questioned or criticized when the movie is Christian?
Hmm. I find that neither interesting nor true. A Google search for "movie morals" turns up dozens of people questioning movies, none of which are Christian. And Narnia is only an allegory at that.

But to whatever extent people are questioning the morals of Christian movies, I don't thin it's surprising, as religious movies imply a specific emphasis on morality that secular movies do not.

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