Fastr in Spanish

After making some improvements and posting to MeFi projects, there were just 72 people playing fastr at the same time. Surprisingly enough, it's still working. The first website I saw pointing to it was Tecnicalia, a Spanish tech blog. That made me think maybe it was worthwhile making a Spanish version. I thought it would be a fun way to practice a second language, and also let Spanish speakers play in their first language. But I haven't seen anyone playing it yet.

Thank you very much for making a Spanish version! ¡Muchas gracias, de verdad!

If you want to improve it, I (a Spanish native) would use just "Nombre:" o "Nombre de usuario" instead of "Inscribe"; "Puntuaciones" instead of "Puntuaciónes", and "Acerca de" instead of "sobre", as it is its usual translation.

Keep up the good work! ¡Muchas gracias otra vez!
Thanks for the corrections, Guillermo. I've made those changes.

Be number 3:

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