So first the database locked up from too much activity, and then the web server itself died. Apologies to anyone else being hosted on the same machine. My brother Kevin (who doesn't update his website enough) kindly offered backup hosting, which will hopefully hold until I make a page to split up the traffic and/or the traffic dies down a bit.

It's been a crazy couple of days. And it's not over yet.

I posted a link to fastr on & it made it to the front page. I'm sorry it killed your server, but if you go and make something this cool, you have to be prepared for it to get Diggitized & Slashdotted. :)
Oh yeah, you can see the digg post here...
No problem, EyeDye. There are certainly worse problems to have than too many players.
It may have problems, but it's still a great idea & a lot of fun.

Be number 5:

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