Cheatrs Nevr Prospr

Some bright fastr players have pointed out (by exploiting) two bugs that allowed impossible scores. One involved sending a non-number as the score (which I fixed by only accepting numbers as scores). The other involved sending a negative score (which I fixed by not allowing negative scores). Both were simple enough to fix, just problems I hadn't considered previously.

I know at least one, and possibly both, were discovered by a player named "cheatrs nevr prospr," which I must say is a clever (clevr?) name. While I would appreciate more if people mentioned these bugs to me directly, it's still nice that someone is going to the trouble to poke around the edges of the game where I never thought to.

so, this isn't about cheating, but i just noticed that you mispell "marshmallow" as "marshmellow" in the game. i suppose i should find your email and email this comment, but i'm lazy.
Thanks, I've corrected marshmallow.
Yeah, I found both. I was going to post about the problems, then saw you were online and thought that you'd figure it out before too long. I was right.
You also have a tag called "boot". It however is also a Dutch word for "boat" so you'll see boat pictures and be totally puzzled.

Btw, please do something about the cheaters. There's one online right now going by the name of Cheatara. Racks up 10s more than there are tags.
I also believe that "jack knife" is a US-only term.
I removed jack knife.

Be number 7:

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