Fun Little Games

A few people have suggested that I should make a memory-style game based on flickr images. As I have told these people, this game was already made a long time ago. It's called Flick-a-Pair. As chance would have it, the person who made this game, Shelley Powers, was also the first to play fastr (from outside my house).

I don't have any plans to make another version of Flick-a-Pair, nor any other flickr-based game. It's fun to be famous on the internet for a day or two, but it just doesn't pay well enough to be worth all the time involved. I'm willing to waste my time on fastr, because I'd just be otherwise wasting my time playing some other game (most likely at Kurnik). But fastr is just not the business opportunity many have mistaken it for. It's just a fun little game.

Can you make a weight guessing game where you show a flickr picture of a person, and half to guess there weight? You can then write a program to systematically calculate their weight based on dimensions of the person and surrounding objects in the picture, kinda like they would in say CSI on tv. That would be great
Yeah, I'll get right on that, ryan.

Have you checked how the game plays in IE6? It plays great in Firefox, but is pretty buggy in IE, plus some of the text doesn't always show.

Plus, your "Consider a donation" link only shows for a couple of seconds, then disappears in IE. Since IE is still the predominant browser, you may be missing out on some possible donations.

Congrats on a great game!
limpgimp, I like to think of it more as IE being buggy in fastr than fastr being buggy in IE.

I've only done minimal testing in IE, to make sure it basicaly worked, as I personally use Macs 95% of the time. I should probably do some more IE testing since I've made so many changes. Or maybe I should just add a "use Firefox" link to fastr.
Hi Scott. I wonder if fastr could bring you more revenue if you didn't have to split it with Google. Since you have a fixed pool of tags, what about renting them to advertisers? Tagvertising might be a viable option.
I see you've already discovered my AdBrite ads, TagMan. I hope that will result in better ads for everyone involved.
can you have a game that is papaspasy ug type sa given sentence,etchetera.....
boang, huh?
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