Fastr API

I've built in two function calls for anyone interested in making any changes to fastr. They're filters on the scores and the photos, which take HTML fragments as input and should give back edited HTML fragments as output. Both are called before the HTML is inserted into the page. You could use this, for example, to highlight certain names in the scores (as FastrFriends does) or make the photos larger, such as I've done in the sample bookmarklet here:

For Firefox: biggr — for other browsers: biggr

If you drag that into your bookmarks toolbar and then click it while playing fastr, future sets of photos will be bigger. This is a common request that I haven't implemented because I didn't want to increase the minimum system requirements for players (i.e. bigger screen and faster connection.) But now it's possible for only people who want bigger photos to get them.

The JavaScript function names are scoreFilter and photoFilter. If you have any questions, or make anything you'd like to share with everyone else, please leave a comment here.

biggr doesn't work for me in Firefox (on WinXP).

also still having the bug where an image repeats but i can't get credit for it... might have something to do with the end of a round.
I made a new version of biggr for Firefox. I think the old version is what was causing the image repeat too.

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