Fastr Bug Fixes

After what seems like approximately three hundred requests that I stop the cheating on fastr, I've finally relented and done something about it. The answer is now sent encrypted, and then your guess is encrypted before comparing with the answer. At the end of the set, if you didn't guess it, the browser sends a "give up" signal back to the server, which gives you the answer in plain text, and sets your score to zero, so you can't "give up" and then submit an answer.

You can still cheat, of course. You can open a second window that's slightly ahead in time, and see pictures before guessing in your first window. Or you can refresh your browser after you know it and get ten points. Or you can "give up" under one name and then submit an answer under a different name. But those are all manual cheats, and I expect you'd get tired of doing that eventually. What you can't do any more (as far as I know, at least) is set up a script to automatically cheat for you.

You also can't make long names with no spaces so that they go outside the designated name box. No one asked for that, but it was annoying me, so I fixed it. And the rounds are now six minutes now, which allows for exactly ten sets of photos, plus a ten second break to look at who won. The last set of your first round might get cut off in the middle, but that shouldn't happen after it gets synched up at the end of a round.

I also pulled all the text into localization files, which will make it much easier to create versions in new languages. But I haven't seen many people playing the other languages, so I'm not sure that's even worth the trouble. I'll let the translation volunteers decide that.

In any case, between these last few fixes and the API, I've managed to delegate (that's the verb form of lazy) most of the future work onto other people. So I don't expect to be spending a lot of time working on fastr now. I think it's about time to call it done and move on to another project.

While we're on it, what's happening when I change my name to someone else's, so that two players are playing under the same name? Whose score counts?
I already answered this via IM, but in case anyone else has the same question: first score (which should be highest score) for a given name counts. So if you want to play in a team, just choose the same name, and get completely confused about who is scoring. Fun for the whole family.
Good job on the encryption, but you basically told me how to cheat. I changed the page's Javascript to send a giveup as one user, get the answer, then send the answer as another user. Auto-cheating. I used it the other day to wish people a Happy Valentine's Day. ;) But I'll lay off it now. I think you've deterred most people.
cnp, I'm pretty sure the cheat you've described doesn't actually work. My records show no perfect scores for the last few days. If you were cheating, why weren't you getting a perfect score?
yes, you can make long names if you enter kyrillic signs, f.i. ???????... it doesnt show up properly.
why is i showing "null" very often for solution? this might be a bug...
Solotoj, I don't know why it's showing "null" for you. I haven't been able to reproduce that problem. As for long Cyrillic names, well, use something shorter and you won't have that problem.
hi Scott,
no Problem - I am using shorter names. But it doesnt show Cyrillic properly....
the null problem still exists - don't know why, but always when I didn't get the solution (and nobody else too),
and: if a new round begins, and the countdown counts down, you still can guess, which may be an advantage for the next round because there always will be the same guess again...
thanks :)
Ok, I figured out the null tags, there were some blank tags in the database.
the null problem still exists for me.
Hmm, I'll look into it more Solotoj.
I believe I've fixed the null problem now.

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