Fastr Tag Suggestions

If you're interested in seeing new tags on fastr, I've added a suggest-a-tag page for the English version (the only version getting much play), which will check if the tag is already in use, and point you to the related flickr page to verify the tag is guess-able form the photos. The suggested tags will be reviewed by Jessica or I periodically and added if deemed appropriate.

oh, I would more suggest a german version of the game!!!!
yes, please give a german version
Alright already, I'm working on the German version. Should be done later today.
Love the site. However, I've seen a couple cases where the tags are misspelled (like "omlet"); it would be nice if there was another form to report bad tags.
Infomofo, I hope there aren't enough bad tags to be worth a form. I've corrected omelette, which I'm fairly certain I've never in my life spelled correctly.
Apparently the game sends duplicate tags (sometimes right after each other), this isn't that big a deal, but it when it gets duplicate tags, it doesn't let you get the points. Although it appears that it allows people that guessed wrong before to get the points, although I haven't tested this.

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