Daily High Score

I gather from this weblog post that Amy Jo Kim made a presentation at ETech and used fastr to demonstrate that games should have points. That reminded me to make a page of daily high scores for fastr (English only currently). It's only counting the top five scores for each round (because that's all I'm saving) and adding them up by player name (which are not necessarily unique). If you're into points, enjoy. If you're not, ignore.

In other game news, I've spent too long playing matchr. It looks easier than it is, which makes it addictive (despite the lack of points).

I've actually been toying around with ways to do points and get a more persistent count of the top matchr users. I'm open to suggestions for ways to assign and tally points... if anyone has suggestions, send them my way.

- Ryan (from matchr)

Be number 2:

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