I've removed the PayPal donation link from fastr and replaced it with an AdBrite "zone," which is what they call their ads, I'm guessing because "Adbrite ad" sounds redundant. So if you want to give a donation for fastr, you have to buy an ad now.

If it works out, I'll probably remove the Google ads also. The thing I've liked about Google ads is their ability to add value to web content. I don't like ads that distract from content, but I do like ads that contribute something useful to the content.

The problem is that Google ads don't fulfill their promise consistantly. For the first day of fastr, Google was advertising spyware removal. Google uses its own search algorithms to figure out what a page is about and serve relevant ads, but that search algorithm can easily fall short. Google eventually figured out that fastr is a game, and now serves game ads mostly, but it could still be better.

AdBrite seems to be better. It doesn't wait for a computer to figure out what my site's about — it lets me describe my site. Would-be advertisers can search descriptions, find a relevant site on which to advertise within a budget, and buy ads. As a publisher, I can reject ads at my whimsy. And I will; I won't run ads on fastr that I don't expect will be of any interest to people playing the game. I don't know a lot about those people, but I know they are interested in games and flickr.

Someone already bought an ad through AdBrite, and it seems to confirm my high expectations for the service. It's a game related to flickr, TagMan. It's just like hangman, only it pulls words from tags on sites like flickr, and then points back to the sites' tag page after each round. So I think moving to AdBrite is a win-win-win. Players will get more interesting ads, advertisers will get an audience of people interested in what they're selling, and I think I'll make more money.

Awesome. Thanks for using AdBrite! :)
That is the most ignorant and biased comment I have ever read on the topic of internet advertising. Adbrite is an illegal scam. The company profits by antagonistically hacking into people's computers. Their software, FocusDaddy, hijacks a user's internet browser and redirects them to a website without giving them a choice. provides text-based links along the side of its own website. No additional software is ever installed on the user's computer. Unlike Google, Adbrite provides no services that would entice people to their website. That is why Google can profit from unobtrusive advertising and Adbrite resorts to burdensome adware.

If anyone reading this thread happens to know how to remove Adbrite and all of its software please post a reply.
Brian, it sounds like you're having malware problems, you don't understand what's causing them, and you're lashing out at the first target you can see. I recommend you install FireFox, a safer browser, and AdAware, which cleans malware from your computer.

AdBrite doesn't make software. You appear to be very confused.
He's definitely on to something though. I've found Adbrite on a computer trying to connect to its website. The firewall caught it and blocked the unwanted exchange. Even if it doesn't make "software", per se, it's still doing something unwanted in the background.
Jack, what exactly did you find on your computer? AdBrite installs cookies, and many malware cleaners delete cookies, but cookies themselves can't do anything to your computer. AdBrite ads come from a remote site, just like most other online advertising. But that should only happen when you're on a site with the ads.

If anyone has any specific information about the company I'm using for advertising is in some way involved in malware, please let me know. I don't see any suggestions of this online, so I'm not taking them very seriously here.
I have run Ad-Aware, Avast 4.7 Pro, and NoAdware 4.0, and none have been able to completely remove the "adbrite" malware/adware generator on my PC. I start up IE 7 and when I tpe in an adress I keep getting sent to adds and the cookies these adds install are from "Adbrite". I wish I knew what ad-aware/spyware/malware remover could get rid of this it is annoying as hell.
Have any of you contacted AdBrite and asked them about their affiliation with malware? They have very public contact information on their website. I'm still very skeptical of the suggestion that they're somehow involved in malware, but I don't know much about malware, as my operating system doesn't have such problems.
You're using IE. That's your problem.
Try Spyware Vanisher, it a free download, great job. Gets rid of spyware and adware and doesn't install any of its own.
As an advertiser I can say that my experiences have been nothing but negative. Most of the publisher sites are crap, the traffic I got was lousy (99% didn't make it past page 1, whereas non-adbrite traffic tends to dig deep) and when I tried the CPC model, all I got was click fraud (blatant). I emailed support about the click fraud and never heard back.

Advertiser beware.
Those with malware problems blaming it on AdBrite are probably victims of malware that is simply using AdBrite to gain revenue. That would be like blaming Google for malware that pops up a page with Google AdSense advertising. I know computers can be a little complex, but c'mon, it's not rocket science.
Scott, recently I had came across this which allow users to sell and buy space at their platform for free. Different from Google, you are the one who determine exactly what advertisement will be appeared in your site. Their booking concept is brilliant, you can manage your ad campaign because someone is gonna book your space for coming months. Only one thing, you are not getting 100% of the ad price but 99% of that. 1% of the ad price which serves as the booking fee will be donated to charity. Maybe it is good for some also for someone like me who never contribute to charity so far :)
I tried It is quite easy to use. Well, for thos with some spare space, please try it out!
I used Adbrite to advertise my site for 6 months and I regretfully idn't monitor the traffic. Then one day I received my CC bill and lo and behold the people at Adbrite went to town and started running my campaign at 20 time over the limit I set for a month before I caught it. Then I began researching exactly what Adbrite was doing to me. First, I received terrible proxy taffic that never converted. Blank pages, phony sites, obvious click fraud. I was routinely getting sites that were converting at 50-75% click throughs. I'm talking 28 impressions and 21 clicks, over and over again. I wanted US traffic and what I got was Indian traffic. Stay away from Adbrite, they are aiding and abetting AWFUL, THIEVING, CROOKS. They don't put any controls on click fraud. Oh yea, they don't respond to complaints either. Adbrite is money out the window. Stay away from Adbrite.
While AdBrite may bring you lots of "traffic" do not expect conversions or any ROI. Their manner of listings is borderline fraudulent... Yes, they will show you a huge very detailed report tracking each any every site you paid for but you'll find no customer revenue or site sales from any of them. Lack of customer support and service only compound the issues. If you are looking to actually generate revenue for your business (as opposed to just paying lots of money for NOTHING) save your money and avoid AdBrite.
Yep...Adbrite appear to be scammers. I bought a 14 day trial spot for $20 and now I notice they have taken another $20 from my account. Emails just get automated responses saying an operator would reply soon and that its "high priority". I wish I'd never heard of the thieving crooks. Now I have to contact my bank to put a block on them. Hope you're enjoying the bad publicity you pricks at ADBRITE.
Adbrite is a SCAM and it SUCKS.

Stay away from It's not worth the hassle. And heck they pay after at least 60 days!!!! (IF you're lucky enough to get paid, that is...)
I happen to have found this page because I am looking for a way to remove the AdBrite malware from my computer. It's gotten into my FireFox and i have no idea how but it's extremely annoying.
Heh, unfortunately Adbrite spreads around Spyware, Malware, etc... what they do is really annoying to say the least
We published ads on our site from Adbrite for a bit. After a few months we noticed some of the ads weren't working correctly and once we contacted them about the issue they decided to close our account claiming click fraud and we lost more then $700 in ad revenue. They stated that we must find IP information from our website to prove that these were valid clicks. Of course we have no way of telling which IPs clicked on their ads because they have no tracking included in their service. I don't know why they couldn't strip out the fraudulent clicks, if there were any. Basically, we are forced to believe whatever they claim and take the loss. Rest assured, we removed their script and closed our account with them.
Glad i came across this posting cause i was about to get some adbrite traffic, i run google ads on my site and wanted some good quality traffic. Is there even a company out there that values its customers and takes pride in what they do? or has it just gone to shit all together
Brian, scan you PC with Spybot search & destroy. Adbrite doesn't make any such adwares or malwares. However those who use its services might have made one which has infected you. Just like you casually concluded that adbrite was responsible for what happened to your browser, even i can casually say that Russians are behind the adware in your computer, but i won't do that, as it would mean that i'm commiting same mistake as you are. So, don't form opinions so easily without investigations...
Abhishek Mishra
I use adbrite on my site. I have just begun and have earnt around 4 bucks in 2 months. These comments are scary. I do not have any spyware on my mozilla.
seems google ads is taking advice from these guys.I ran google ads for 3 months on a high traffic site.earning nearly $100.which is the point they payout,right? well my account was canceled $2 before payout,and redeemed before you say it.I didn't click own ads,nor told anyone to..and for sake of argument lets say ONE,or TWO people clicked too many ads..should I get screwed out of all the legit clicks? I feel swindled,and cheated..I pay for my bandwidth ,and google ads cheated me out of it.simple......... my advice is contact BBB ,and file complaints,and contact advertisers ,and tell them your story. what happened to google,seriously?
ADBRITE IS NOTHING BUT SCAM AND STUPIDITY STAY AWAY FROM THEM.............................................
94.1% of all traffic from adbrite leave on the first page... thats on a good day!
I have a few sites that require quality traffic and will try anything to generate good traffic but Adbrite is just... well... the worst thing I have ever tried... o yeah and no sales at all from them.
If Adbrite is a scam and Google is high price, does any one here has had any profitable experience with any low price advertising online agency?

I have searched several agencies but when I place the "scam" suffix all appear to be scams!,,, etc.

Anyone honest out there?
Adbrite is a Scam we tried them and they killed our credit card and then after they killed it they stomped on it until it spit up blood. Another words, they charged it to death and we got nothing out of it in terms of conversions or traffic. They are a scam!.

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