Google hCalendar

Google hCalendar is a Firefox Greasemonkey script I made. It looks for pages with vevents and inserts a button to add each found event to Google Calendar. I'm still working out some time zone oddities Apparently many of the sites using hCalendar have improper time zone markup (e.g. every event is marked as UTC-7 at, but it otherwise seems to work fine. Now I'm looking forward to my free book. Oddly enough, I'm actually working on another project right now in exchange for free magazines. You can keep your attention economy; I'm going back to bartering. Will code for interesting reading.

Hi Scott,

It doesn't work with datetimes if the date and time are separated with a space instead of a T (which the ISO standards allows for human readability, bar no misunderstanding arises).

I believe I've added support for datetimes with spaces instead of Ts, but I haven't found any examples online to test it on. If you know of anyone using this format, please let me know where.

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