Battlestar Galactica

Dave Rogers writes:

Making the mini-series free on the iTMS lowers a barrier to entry for new, mainstream audience members, draws attention to the series and the SciFi channel, and gives potential new fans the foundation the story requires and promotes purchases of the Season 1 and Season 2 episodes either on DVD or at the iTMS.

He's right. Battlestar Galactica is a good show, and many people who saw the mini-series would want to keep watching enough to pay.

I was going to say BSG is one of the few shows I watch, thinking that a discriminating viewer like me watching it would indicate how good it is. But then I started listing the shows I watch, and it turns out I'm not as selective as I'd imagined. I subscribe to both the Daily Show and the Colbert Report (despite Comedy Centrals craptacular website). I watch the IT crowd when it's available to download (which it hasn't been recently - what happened to it?). I just started watching Ze Frank's the Show, but that doesn't really count, does it?

I once had my calendar remind me to watch both Arrested Development and the Simpsons, but then Arrested Development was cancelled, and I started watching the West Wing after, and then instead of, the Simpsons. The West Wing is ending soon, and I don't expect I'll go back to watching the Simpsons regularly, so my calendar shows are over.

Jessica was bringing home Monk DVDs from the library, and that's the only show I like to watch, but would not claim is quality television. It has completely unbelievable characters and plots, but I like it anyway. I won't be watching that, though, until the library gets the next season on DVD. I'll watch CSI or Law and Order if they're on the TV when I'm in the room, but I won't go out of my way to find them.

And then there's BSG. So though I'll soon be able to say that BSG is one of only three shows I watch, and the only one not available as a free download, my viewing is not so refined just yet. Still, as someone who will be a discriminating viewer, I give BSG my seal of approval, for whatever that's worth. You should watch it if you haven't.

BSG is my current favorite show. I'm completely hooked in a way I never thought I would be. I know I'm going to start sounding like a complete fanboy, but I haven't run across a show like this in a long time.
Yeah, I don't talk much about TV, largely for fear of sounding like a complete fanboy, but Dave has provided example that one can be both fanboy and intelligent critic at the same time. I think I lost my fanboy status after the season 2 finale anyway.

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