July 7 Set Lists

The following is what I plan to play tomorrow night. I don’t record covers unless they are very dissimilar to the original (e.g. One More Time), but this should give you an idea of what kind of covers I play. It will also help me practice.

(LyricWiki.org seems to be down right now, so I’ll add the links to the lyrics for the covers later.)

Update: Looks like LyricWiki.org is dead. That’s too bad. I’ve added links to SongMeanings.net or something else instead, and crossed out the songs I didn’t actually play.

Hour 1, in which I channel e.e. cummings:

Hour 2, in which I pretend I’m in Radiohead:

Hour 3, in which I sing "goodnight" repeatedly:

As Dave Rogers wrote, "Well, I won't be in Iowa, but good luck! Go Scott!"

If wishes were (amphibious) horses, I'd email Dave to meet me at the Continental Lounge, then ride across the Pacific Ocean to Des Moines, Iowa, so that Dave and I could drink eight or nine beers (each) while listening to those three wonderful sets.

Hope it goes great...

Be number 2:

knows half of 8 is