8th Grade Graduation

I’ve recorded and posted an MP3 of 8th Grade Graduation as well as lyrics. As I said last week, it’s inspired by Barak Obama’s courageous stance against 8th grade graduations. I played it last Wednesday, and I think it went quite well. Afterward, a man at the bar said he liked it, but hadn’t heard it before. So I guess he thought it was a cover of some radio musician he might have heard. Maybe that’s just because it sounds more like a pop songs than my other music, but I prefer to think it’s because of my excellent songwriting abilities.

That song reminds me of older music and it conveys emotion but does it softly while still making sure its a song you'll remember foor a good while. Certain words stick to you after the song is finished playing and to me it seems like that would be a good song for an eighth grade graduation; after its over and done with, most people will probably still remember the words to the song and possibly bring tears to some parents as they realize that time is going on and their children won't be kids for very long.
Oh yea; one other thing: this is just my personal opinion but about 1:45-1:48 seconds, that note seems kinda- im not sure what the word is. The tone doesn't seem to fit to me or something to that effect.
Yeah, I don't think I was quite hitting that chord right. I'll probably re-record it some day, but not any time soon. It's funny that you say it might bring tears to some parents' eyes, because I thought it was one of my most happy-sounding songs. In any case, glad you like it, and feel free to pass it around.
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that would be a grate song for a 8th grade graduation
would you mind if I use this for my eightth grade graduation?
Sure Allison, help yourself.
What do you mean by "a day that you'll remember for the rest of the night"?
Lilah, I mean you'll forget it tomorrow. Try not to take it too seriously.

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