BarCamp: Change of Plans

My plan for BarCamp was to follow up the session on microformats by showing something specific and cool you can do with microformats in the area of geohacking and online mapping. Specifically, you can combine Technorati's microformat search for finding hCard data, my new Auto Geo proxy for geocoding addressed hCards, Brian Suda's geo-to-KML service for creating KML documents from geocoded data, and Google Maps, for displaying the data in a nify map.

The whole thing was going to be pretty cool. You could search for "Bob" and get a map of people named Bob, and all Bob has to do is basically wrap his address in class="adr". That’s much easier than making your own Google Map, which is about as easy as it can be, or looking up your latitude and longitude, which is still needlessly cumbersome.

And I’m still working on making this whole process run a little more smoothly for Bob and his once and future friends who want to find him on a map. But I will no longer be talking about this in any depth at BarCampMilwaukee. The planned leader of the microformats session can no longer make it, which left me with a sort of microformats 201 session missing a microformats 101 session. So I’m now leading the microformats session.

That will be easy because I could explain microformats in my sleep, and there seems to be more interest in the general concept of microformats than the geo stuff. But I am a little disappointed I don’t get to demonstrate and explain something I find more interesting. For now, I’ll settle for showing you where I live on a map created by running a page with my street address through three different web services. That’s actually several houses down from where I live, but you get the idea.

I hope we do get to talk about some cool geowanking stuff at BarCampMilwaukee... But aside from that, it sounds like you should take part in the Mini-Mash Pit we have scheduled. :)

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