Veronica Mars

I’m done with Deadwood. I didn’t read until I had finished watching season 3 that there won’t likely be a season 4, which is disappointing. But it sounds like there’s still some chance they’ll wrap up the plot with a few more longer episodes.

Until Battlestar Galactica starts up again, I am lacking my staple one television show. I’ve recently had three different people whose opinions on TV I trust recommend, if only implicitly by mentioning that they watch, Veronica Mars. The first was Peter, I think via email, as I’m not finding it in his blog. The second was Dave Rogers. And then there was Dan.

So I watched the first episode with high expectations. It did not meet those expectations. The characters aren’t particularly interesting, and the plot of the first episode was pretty standard high school drama. But I talked to Dan and his wife about it, and they suggested I give it a couple more shows before giving up on it. I just watched the third episode tonight and while my opinion hasn’t substantially changed, I expect I’ll keep watching.

The individual plots of the second and third episodes were slightly more interesting than the first, but more important to keep my attention, there’s a more developed but still unresolved over-arching plot. Unfortunately the characters are still rather boring. The good guys are always good and the bad guys are always bad. Also, the kids are unbelievably mature. So maybe I’ll stop watching Veronica Mars in a couple weeks when Battlestar Galactica starts up again, but for now, it seems to have become my time killer despite these deficiencies.

WRT Veronica Mars, you have to consider the context that I commented under. This is a show my 14 year old daughter can enjoy, although it's sometimes a bit too "adult" for my taste, that I can watch too. Unlike most of the stuff on Disney and Nickelodeon.

But, don't assume the bad guys are always bad.

We just ordered season 2.
I totally agree. Don't assume the bad guys are always bad. Nor will the good guys always be good. You will be surprised. I'm glad you're giving it a shot.
Yeah, I realize I went into it with unreasonably high expectations. I just finished episode 5. Now I need to know what happens next.

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