A while back I was presented with the possibility that I might be moving to Carbondale at the end of the year, or I might not. I decided to take the copout and put off this decision as long as possible. Meanwhile I’ve been more actively seeking out contract work so that if I did end up moving to Carbondale, I’d at least have some sort of income.

Last week Jessica finished her first term of teaching (half a semester), and she’s relatively happy with her job in Carbondale. Last week I also made more money from contract work than I did at my full time job. So I made a decision to definitely move to Carbondale. I’m not moving immediately because I have a lot I want to do before moving. In addition to packing up my life in Des Moines, I also have a lot of projects at work I’d rather not leave without completing. So I’m moving around the end of the year.

But I’m probably not quitting my job at the end of the year. We haven’t worked out all the details, but I’ll likely be working remotely for a few months at least, doing pretty much what I do now in Des Moines, only doing it in Carbondale. On the down side, I expect it will be slightly more work for everyone involved to communicate strictly with no face to face contact. On the up side, I will no longer eat all the candy in the accounting department. And I can fold my laundry while I read my email. I do that anyway, but with personal email. Now I’ll get paid to do it.

I’ll be happy to continue working on familiar projects with familiar people, but I’m also enjoying the freelance work I’ve been doing. It’s a good way to prioritize my seemingly endless interest in web development. Things people are willing to pay me to do tend to be more interesting than updating my existing unpaid web services whenever someone wants something more out of them. I’m tempted to pay someone to answer the endless stream of comments on my original MySpace RSS post.

So this is all good. The problem, if it can be called a problem, is that I’m now facing a scenario of having too much paid work. I’ll definitely prioritize the steady work from my current employer, but I hate to entirely give up on the freelance stuff. I have a lot of stuff I’d like to do, and I often think it would be nice to pay someone else to do it. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to keep accepting as much freelance work as I can get doing projects that interest me, and I’m going to take the money I make from that and pay someone else to do other projects that interest me. So I’m looking to hire web developers (and less so designers) with interests similar to my own.

What are those interests? Probably the main disqualifier is that I’m willing to do interesting work for little pay. I make more money than I need, not because I make a lot, but because I don't need a lot. And I expect anyone I hire to have a similar prioritizing of, say, making data make sense over high income. Students would be good.

Beyond that, I’m looking for developers who use technologies I use or at least that I’m interesting in learning. The former include PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, semantic HTML, and a few other odds and ends. The latter include Ruby on Rails, Python, PostgreSQL, Flash, and maybe Perl. Basically, ASP, Java, and ColdFusion coders need not apply. It would be nice if one had an understanding of basic things like binary and HTTP, but I don’t really want to get too picky about specific knowledge. I’m more interested in curiosity.

So if you know anyone looking for some interesting web development work for reasonable but not extravagant income, please let me know.