Spelling Names

My last name is “Reynen.” Chances are good that you just pronounced that incorrectly in your head as you read it. Chances are also good that if I spoke it aloud to you, you’d spell it wrong. And then you’d probably pronounce it wrong still. It’s a horrible name for someone like me who is interested in efficient communication. So I’ve thought a lot about changing it.

When I was younger (is 26 old enough to say that?), I thought about changing the whole thing: first, middle, and last name. My ideas for new names were awful. “Justin Case” is one I remember. I’m sure glad I didn’t follow through on that idea. I would have had to pull a Prince and try to undo the damage.

Later, I thought about just replacing my last namewith my middle name. “Scott Michael” sounds okay. But for a long time, I didn’t know how to spell “Michael,” so I worried that wouldn’t actually solve the spelling problem. (Turns out most people could spell my middle name better than I could.) Plus, it makes me think of George Michael, and I’m not really a fan.

After that, I didn’t seriously consider changing my name until I got married. Unfortunately, my wife’s last name is “Montgomerie,” which is not exactly a step up on the ease-of-spelling scale. So I kept my last name, and she kept hers, which leads to the question of what last name we might give to potential children. All I know is, it certainly will not be “Montgomerie-Reynen.” I wouldn’t inflict that kind of pain on my worst enemy, much less a child. So maybe a completely new last name would be good. Any proposals?

You will now have hundreds of posts from me. My first is Stevens.
How about you take your first name as you last. Scott Scott. That would make life simpler. I always wanted to name my first born Melon. They would be Melon Colley. Cruel, but kinda funny...
Oh man, Melon Colley is worse than Justin Case. Poor kid.

Libby, why Stevens?
I just think it sounds nice and simple. Scott Stevens. Jessica Stevens.
Actually, I gave it no thought, it just came to me.
Scott -- you probably know that my wife, Jill, kept her last name (Whitney), asyou’re your wife, Jessica. When Jill and I were talking about names for our first child, Alex, we decided to give him Whitney as a middle name and Reynen as a last name – which we did with Tyler, too. While this does not solve the problem of pronouncing and spelling Reynen incorrectly, it does go a little ways in justifying the use of a middle name.
-Dave Reynen (son of the second Kenneth Eugene Reynen)
Why not Monnen?
A mixture of both of your last names!
Easy to say, easy to spell and cute ta'boot~

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