Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday I was listening to Dave Zobl’s “Thanksgiving Day” and thinking it would be nice to share it on the holiday. But then I thought it was probably not licensed for that kind of distribution (I couldn’t find anything to say for sure). Then I thought “well, all those kids over at YouTube seem to get away with that by putting song in video, so it would be more pain to extract it than it would be worth.

So I made a video of the song with images from Flickr licensed under Creative Commons attribution. But when I went to upload it to YouTube, it never finished. While I was waiting for it to finish, I decided I don't really want to start uploading videos to YouTube anyway. I have plenty of space on my own hosting accounts, so why give someone else control over my content? Sure the social aspect of YouTube is appealing, but I wasn’t really sure how to go about that, and it didn’t upload anyway.

So I was finally able to upload it here this morning, and here’s the video I made. I hope you enjoy it and get some more Dave Zobl music as a result:

This video requires Flash Player, which you can download free.

Note: Oops. Turns out his name is Zobl, not Zobi as I included in the video and this description. I’ve corrected the description, but I’m not going to re-render and re-convert the video right today. I found his website, and he has two songs for free download, so I’m assuming he’d be okay with this kind of re-use of his music.

i can identify with the the woman who's dazedly drying the glass. full and tired.
Holy pan and zoom! Alternating between pan/zooms and straight cuts give the pans/zooms more impact. I felt like I was going to get to the molecular level of some of those pies.
Thanks for the tip. I obviously don't know what I'm doing in iMovie. But I blame the pie thing on the surprising lack of decent commons-licensed photos tagged with "Thanksgiving."
I know this isn't a place to post guitar chords, but I came across this page while in search of some chords / lyrics for this song, so I figured I'd post them in case someone else happened to do the same.

Awesome song.

Capo on 3
Progression: G, C, D
Pass the potatoes to the head of the table
from the busy hands that did all the pealing
every year this day is a staple
designed for gratitude and for healing

how many times have I sat here
from my days as a little boy
all the lessons of yesteryear
all the values I now employ

Progression: D, C, G
and time, it goes by so fast
the future soon becomes your past
better take these special days and make them last
Thanksgiving Day

generations have come and gone
Lost loved ones we hold so dear
from the old to the very young
they always find an warm home here

Through it all theres been ups and downs
through it all we did the best we could
Priorities get lost and found
The ones that matter stay the way they should'


Progression: (C,G,C,D,C,G,G,D)
So before I fill up my plate
With one eye on the Lion's game
I'll take a moment and hesitate
Give thanks to where it came

Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day...

Be number 5:

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