Playing at Cummel’s Cafe in St. Louis

My friend JJ is in a band called Theodore, which I wrote about back when they visited Iowa. They have a show in St. Louis next Friday at 7pm (MySpace doesn’t tell you the time for some reason), and I was thinking I might go to it now that I am living relatively near St. Louis. But this morning JJ called and asked if I wanted to play at this show, and of course I said yes. So now I have a show in St. Louis next Friday at 7pm. It’s at Cummel’s Cafe, 1627 Washington St. in St. Louis, MO, if you want to come hear me. There’s a $5 door fee, but Theodore alone is well worth that, and I’m sure I add at least $1 in value, so you’re really getting quite a deal.

This will be my first show in a city as large as St. Louis, and also my first show with a door fee, so both should be interesting new experiences. Between working too much, I have been redesigning the music portion of this site to make it less a jumble of MP3s and more an organized jumble of MP3s. Hopefully I’ll have that finished soon, and then I’ll record a few songs I’ve been postponing until I’m done with the site revamp. Until then, you can probably hear most of my new songs at the show on Friday.

How was it?
I thought it went well. I had fun and other people seemed to like it.

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