Communication Vacation

Monday will be my last day at work in Des Moines, which is weird. I knew it was coming a long time ago, but it still snuck up on me. I worked from home for a few months, so it won’t be so odd to no longer be in the office. What will be more strange is returning my laptop and my phone. I won’t get a new laptop nor a new phone until I start my new job in June. Meanwhile I’ll be incommunicado, as they say in Peru (or maybe they don’t — I don’t really know). No phone calls, no emails, no instant messages, no feeds, no weblog posts, no comments. For most of that time, I won’t even have a mailing address. Try not to break anything while I’m out, okay?

I expect this will be a good reminder that the world can go on fine without me. It will be the longest I’ve gone without internet access for at least five years, and the longest I’ve gone without my own phone number since receiving my first phone call. It should also be interesting to see how well I can get along without any connection the world I know. Goodbye cruel world! See you in June.

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