Missed Musician Connections

In the interest of starting my ever-hypothetical band, I’ve been following the musician ads on Craigslist since I arrived in Denver. And though I’ve only responded to one ad so far, and my band remains entirely hypothetical, I have noticed something interesting. At least once a day, two ads will appear one after the other, apparently seeking each other. I started taking screen shots a few days ago.


Bassist available/sought


Drummer available and sought

Drum and Bass:

Drum and Bass available and sought

Lead guitarist:

Guitarist available and sought


Vocalist available and sought

When I see these, I’m really tempted to respond to both ads, just to point them to one another. But maybe they find each other without my help. In any case, I now have a new strategy for forming a band. First, I will compose a compelling Craigslist ad titled "Singer-songwriter seeks cellist and drummer." Then, just before posting the ad, I will instead respond to the inevitable just-posted ad titled "Cellist and drummer seek singer-songwriter."

Maybe the seeking and available can't connect because they were in a band together previously and still hate each other...
Pete, of course! It's so obvious now that you point it out. The band breaks up, and everyone runs off to Craigslist to try to form a new band first and claim all their old gigs.
Well, if they keep looking long enough they may realize that they shouldn't hate each other anymore, because it was due to some stupid reason, and they can all be friends again and form a new band...

Be number 4:

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