Denver Web Geek Lunch

Since moving to Denver, I’ve made a concerted effort to familiarize myself with the Denver web geek community. I’ve signed up for every email list I could find and attended every meeting loosely related to what I find interesting on the interwebs. But frankly, Denver’s web community is boring me. I haven’t found a single person playing with iPhone web interfaces nor the Wii JavaScript API nor microformats nor OpenID nor anyone who went to BarCampDenver last year. And few even know what these things are.

The lack of interest in any of those specific trends is not itself a problem. They may all turn out to be just passing fads. But I think these are symptoms of a larger problem: Denver web geekery is not a creative industry; it's a manufacturing industry. There’s an important difference between a web manufacturer, someone who churns out sites on an assembly line schedule using the exact same tools over and over again, and a web artisan, someone who takes the time to investigate, compare, and understand those tools, could maybe fix them when they break.

I want to be in the latter camp, not least because the former camp is being gradually replaced by increasingly automated tools. The manufacturing industry is not a sustainable career path; robots can manufacture. The plethora of web-related jobs and scarcity of candidates (I’m seeking a new coworker, by the way) in Denver is, I think, another symptom of this problem. The jobs are open because they’re unappealing. They’re boring, low-paying, and bound for obsolescence. Just as monoculture is bad for biological communities, it’s bad for this industry.

That’s my theory anyway. So what should I do about it? I’m still trying to figure that out, but when I suggested to the Denver web design MeetUp that once a month meetings wasn’t enough, some good ideas came up. Specifically: 1) go outside, and 2) drink beer. So as a test of these ideas, I’ve proposed an event, and a few people have signed on already.

What: Web Geek Lunch
When: August 18th, 2007 12pm - 2pm

So if you or anyone you know is near Denver and interested in beer, pizza, free WiFi, and web geekery, please spread the word. Hopefully we’ll be doing this more in the future.

Come work at Wall Street On Demand. Best developers in the region.
Thanks kev, but I'm not looking to leave my current job right now. I would like to get together with some of those best developers though. Please pass on the invite, and come yourself if you can. I'll buy you a beer.
Too bad you didn't move to Milwaukee...
Yeah, Pete, that's a large part of my problem; watching the BarCampMilwaukee list has set my expectations pretty high for what a local geek community could be.
And honestly, Milwaukee has a way to go still, but with a dedicated group, we are pretty hopeful.
Hi, I was surprised to see your post, because although I've joined the Web Designer's Meetup, I haven't actually attended any of the meetings. I just assumed that people there would be more advanced than I in geekery!

Based on your post, I think I'm up there in the geekery, even though geekery doesn't often pay. My clients don't care about microformats, etc, and I make websites for small businesses; there's hardly a justification for pushing the issue.

You've got a fellow geek here.

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