Bought a House

We bought a house today, off Craigslist, without a realtor. Yeah, I know, that sounds really stupid. And maybe it was, but it still feels like a good deal. In a previous post, you’ll recall I said We’ll know soon if we’re buying that or continuing to look. We found out soon after that the house was being sold to someone else. And I was all ready to give up on buying a house and start looking at rental options when Jackie (my sister-in-law) found this house on Craigslist.

That was about a month ago; today we bought it. We won’t move for another month or so, but then my new address will be 460 S. Grant, Denver CO 80209. Here it is on Google Maps (street view). One thing that came up in the inspection: despite what Google Maps shows, it’s not consistently sunny on the property. But it is sunny sometimes. Today was sunny.

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