That was in response to “I don't write much anymore”, which describes a feeling I relate to, but which doesn’t entirely explain my own lack of writing. And after trying to explain another part of why I don’t write, I realized it’s pretty easy to deal with. I’ll just give you a quick recap and then you’ll know everything about me. Or at least close enough that I can write again without feeling like you have no idea who the author is.

So let’s see… I just adopted a kid. Really just, about a week ago. That’s new. And my job title is now Vice President. That’s different. And what else? I stopped writing music for a while, but then I got a piano and now I’m slowly getting back into music. But maybe not with the kid? Who knows.

I stopped caring much about electoral politics, I think mostly because politicians generally reward caring by asking for more money and I don’t like to think about how much money has broken democracy. I guess I’m generally a little less certain about stuff.

Over the last few years, I’ve thought several times about a post I once wrote about trying to stay true to reality, which I ended with a question about how we know what is real, and a promise to return to that. I thought at the time I might invest a little time into thinking about that and come up with a good answer, but I still don’t know.

There’s something about getting multiple perspectives to fill in missing holes in reality, but how do we know which perspectives are right and which are wrong? I don’t know. That hasn’t really changed; I never knew. But now, I also don’t really care. If the people I’ve chosen to trust are all wrong and I’m living in a manufactured reality that is internally consistent but still wrong — actually, not even if. That’s almost certainly the case, and I’m okay with that.

Um, what else? I started buying and selling stocks and it turns out I’m pretty good at that. Mostly Apple, but others too. I’ve played a bit with iOS app development. I realized at a concert that I can no longer sit “indian-style”, which I just now realized is a potentially offensive term. I’ll have to look that up.

I realized recently that I can’t actually read all the blogs I’m subscribed to, but don’t really have a solution to that, meaning I still want to be a person who reads them all. Oh, I now help run, which combined with my Vice President title at a well-known Drupal-using company gives me a weird sort of authority in the Drupal community, where I still feel like an outsider.

That’s maybe enough for now. Basically I’m older and dumber. Maybe I’ll write more now. But I’m not making any promises. Because I don’t know.

Update: Ha, my blog still does XHTML validation. I totally forgot caring about that; I guess that’s another thing that changed. Took me longer to validate the markup on this post than it did to write it. Maybe I’ll turn off the validation before I write more.