In the interest of starting my ever-hypothetical band, I’ve been following the musician ads on Craigslist since I arrived in Denver. And though I’ve only responded to one ad so far, and my band remains entirely hypothetical, I have noticed something interesting. At least once a day, two ads will appear one after the other, apparently seeking each other. I started taking screen shots a few days ago.


Bassist available/sought


Drummer available and sought

Drum and Bass:

Drum and Bass available and sought

Lead guitarist:

Guitarist available and sought


Vocalist available and sought

When I see these, I’m really tempted to respond to both ads, just to point them to one another. But maybe they find each other without my help. In any case, I now have a new strategy for forming a band. First, I will compose a compelling Craigslist ad titled "Singer-songwriter seeks cellist and drummer." Then, just before posting the ad, I will instead respond to the inevitable just-posted ad titled "Cellist and drummer seek singer-songwriter."