I was a little worried not everyone understood the analogy I was trying to make between gay marriage and interracial marriage. Thankfully Douglas Sadler has done a good job of clearing up any confusion I might have left.

"We don't believe they have the right to marry," Sadler said. "In fact, we don't think they have the right to exist."

Nothing clarifies a controversial political issue like unabashed hatred.


I find it interesting to paraphrase Iowans reactions to a lawsuit seeking equal rights:

The following are statements made about a lawsuit filed today in Iowa by NAACP Legal Defense Fund on behalf of interracial couples seeking the right to marry:

Camilla Taylor, staff attorney for NAACP Legal Defense Fund:

"This lawsuit is about fairness and equality. Interracial couples all over Iowa are devoted and love each. Since marriage is the way the government provides protection, support and respect for families, it is only fair that these couples be able to marry."

Chuck Hurley, president of the Iowa Family Policy Center:

"Defending Iowa's Defense of Marriage Act, and pushing for a marriage amendment has nothing to do with disliking black people. Studies across the spectrum, from liberal to conservative, prove that children do best in a home with two parents of the same race...We want what's best for Iowa's kids."

Senate Democratic leader Mike Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs:

"I still believe that marriage should only be between a white man and a white woman."

"The current law is supported by most Iowans. In fact, an overwhelming majority of legislators ' both Republicans and Democrats ' have already voted for the state law that bans interracial marriages in Iowa. I am confident that the courts will uphold the current law."

Mark Daley, executive director of OneIowa, a nonprofit working to promote full equality of black Iowans:

"Denying loving, committed couples the basic rights, protections and responsibilities of marriage creates a second class in Iowa. Marriage is the only vehicle which offers interracial couples equal protection under the law. We applaud the leadership of NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the courage of these interracial couples."

Senate Republican leader Stewart Iverson, R-Dows, regarding a constitutional amendment that would ban interracial marriage:

"This gives the people the right to vote on this issue. And, it's a very very important issue and we think it is proper that the people of Iowa get to vote on it and I think most legislators will understand that and see it that way...I think it will have widespread support and bipartisan support."

Jason Morgan, 35, who wants to marry his partner of eight years, Charlotte Swaggerty, both of Sioux City:

"We feel that we deserve the right to be married. On an every day basis it is awkward and inadequate to describe Charlotte as just a friend or roommate, when she is more than that. Even partner doesn't really give the same weight as being able to say she's my spouse."

Pastor Jeff Bradley, Central Assembly of God in Des Moines, leads the pastor group for the Iowa Family Policy Center:

"I would never have dreamed that in the state of Iowa that we would have come to this place, where we needed to define the issue of marriage between two people of the same race."

"We firmly believe, as we believe that most Iowans do, that marriage between white people has always been the best way."

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine. — Thomas Jefferson.