My friend JJ is in a band called Theodore, which I wrote about back when they visited Iowa. They have a show in St. Louis next Friday at 7pm (MySpace doesn’t tell you the time for some reason), and I was thinking I might go to it now that I am living relatively near St. Louis. But this morning JJ called and asked if I wanted to play at this show, and of course I said yes. So now I have a show in St. Louis next Friday at 7pm. It’s at Cummel’s Cafe, 1627 Washington St. in St. Louis, MO, if you want to come hear me. There’s a $5 door fee, but Theodore alone is well worth that, and I’m sure I add at least $1 in value, so you’re really getting quite a deal.

This will be my first show in a city as large as St. Louis, and also my first show with a door fee, so both should be interesting new experiences. Between working too much, I have been redesigning the music portion of this site to make it less a jumble of MP3s and more an organized jumble of MP3s. Hopefully I’ll have that finished soon, and then I’ll record a few songs I’ve been postponing until I’m done with the site revamp. Until then, you can probably hear most of my new songs at the show on Friday.