Whoever is in charge of posting Daily Show and Colbert Report clips to comedycentral.com should be fired. I’m subscribed to these clips via my Comedy Central RSS Creator feeds, so I see the various permutations they go through between when they’re first posted and the final, correct versions. In the past, there have been several problems of links pointing to the wrong clips. Some of these get corrected and some are left broken forever.

But in the past few days, the problems have compounded. Clips are posted with titles like "Interview part 1" or "Headline part 2", then renamed hours later with actual descriptive titles. Daily Show clips are posted under the Colbert Report. And it’s Windows Media, so it frequently just doesn’t work at all. That last one isn’t really the responsibility of whoever is uploading the clips, but it’s part of what annoys me. Can it really be that difficult to post the clips with the correct title, the correct show, and the correct clip? I notice the ads never fail to load correctly.