Michael Barrish writes:

Today I made a friend cry by saying she's lying to herself if she thinks she's going to find the relationship she wants while continuing to sleep with her ex-boyfriend, who to his credit isn't promising anything more than he can deliver: great sex, false hope, and the occasional fix-it job.

I'm pretty ignorant about how people work, generally preferring to deal with more predictable computers, but I've learned a few lessons over the years. One is: never date an ex. Another is: never give someone advice on who to date. May those lessons serve you well.


I think Most of Mine (MP3, lyrics) is one of my best songs, if I do say so myself. Which makes it all the more embarrassing to admit that it was largely inspired by an episode of Will and Grace. It's the one where Harry Connick Jr's character and Grace are getting back together after he has cheated on her. That said, I hope the song has a bit more depth to it than a typical episode of Will and Grace.