In case you were wondering what I tend to write about here, I just made what the web geeks call a “tag cloud” for these articles. It’s weighted to recent writing because I only started adding tags to my articles recently.

I was actually a bit surprised that politics is the most common tag, but I suspect that’s more a reflection of my tagging style than my writing topics. I think I actually write more about technology than politics (though I no longer write about technology at all here since I started a separate site for that), but I tend to tag the technology articles with something more specific than “technology,” whereas the various political topics all just go under “politics.”


You can now leave comments with limited HTML. Specifically, you can include the following tags: b, i, em, strong, q, blockquote, p, pre, and a. If you use a (the tag for links), your comment will not show up until I approve it. This is to keep the comments spam-free.

You can also now browse and subscribe to the weblog based on tags. If you're only interested in what I have to say about music, for example, you can subscribe to the music tag. Each post has a list of tags, and clicking on any of them will take you to the appropriate tag page.